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Knowing when it's time to say goodbye

It could be the hardest decision you ever make. You love your pets like family, because they are. But one day you must let them go.

This decision should be made carefully, with good counsel and information. Some of the best advice will come from your own veterinarian.

For most people, euthanasia seems appropriate when the pet is unable to get up, refuses food, or is in a coma.

It's much harder to know what to do when the signs are less obvious.

You may be faced with making a decision about euthanasia before these obvious symptoms occur.

Dr. Donald Henry

Dr. Donald Henry is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and has an MBA from Eastern Mennonite University. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Forensics from the University of Florida.

Dr. Henry practiced companion animal medicine in Arkansas, Virginia, and Florida for 39 years. Before moving to Florida, he was the managing partner of the Augusta/Valley Animal Hospital in Staunton, Virginia and served as President of the Commonwealth of Virginia Veterinary Medical Society.

Dr. Henry is a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Society, the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, and is an Honor Roll Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Gentle Euthanasia: Saying Goodbye at Home

Dr. Henry will help you through the process of decision-making, end-of-life planning and how best to include your family and children.

Dr. Henry will visit your home to help provide a peaceful and gentle goodbye for your pet. A relaxing sedative is administered followed by the medication that helps your pet pass away.

Cremation options are available. We use the Brevard Humane Society's Heavenly Paws Chapel in Cocoa, and Pet Passages in Melbourne.

Space Coast Home Euthanasia offers a complimentary impression of your pet's paw print in clay for you to keep as a memorial.

Convenient appointments morning or evening in the privacy of your home.


Service Price
Euthanasia (1-75 lbs) $225.00
Euthanasia (76-150 lbs) $250.00
Euthanasia (151+ lbs) $275.00
Euthanasia and Communal Cremation (1-75 lbs) $345.00
Euthanasia and Communal Cremation (76-150 lbs) $380.00
Euthanasia and Communal Cremation (151+ lbs) $415.00
Euthanasia and Private Cremation (1-75 lbs) * $435.00
Euthanasia and Private Cremation (76-150 lbs) * $495.00
Euthanasia and Private Cremation (150+ lbs) * $515.00

*With private cremation, the pet's ashes will be returned to you or your veterinarian's office in a personalized urn.

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